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New Opportunities

The Future Demands New Business Paradigms.

Many sectors initiate transformation by developing new activities—innovative services that fuel growth strategies from the bottom up.

At Sphères, we provide powerful processes inspired by typical design workflows to reveal relationships and purchasing behaviours that grasp the evolution of a given market. Rooted in real-world practices, we design services and business models that are at once desirable, viable, and attainable.

Focusing on practices

Our research phase reveals intuitive visions, in order to materialize practices, desires, relationships, and behaviours regarding purchasing, sharing and interacting.

Designing a network of actors

We chart networks of participating parties to identify mechanisms shepherding interaction and relationship values.

Experimenting a technology

Through a thorough understanding of a given emerging technology, we examine the scope of possibilities to envision practices and experiences, and to evaluate economic opportunities.

Predicting a new business model

We provide economic and financial forecasts on all acquisition models while fine-tuning service models.

Measuring up in real life

Ideas need to be continuously measured up to real life, so they can be adjusted until ultimately defining the highest valued offer. We map out service launches alongside our clients, prepping and following through on every step of the tests and trials.

User Experiences

Pioneering Memorable Experiences.

In our age, the most powerful experiences create value in unexpected places, overhauling markets.

At Sphères, we design genuine experiences that bridge digital and physical channels, language and data retrieval, technology and practices. Alongside our clients, we create integrated, innovative experiences, for their own customers and collaborators.

Making data tangible

Our data scientists set up Datalab-style systems in order to capture, collect, extract, structure, clean up, contextualize, visualize, and analyse data, providing a better knowledge of real-world experiences.

Evaluating customer experience

By combining such processes as user research and data-mining, we chart experiences to reveal minor annoyances and hurdles—interaction problems occurring between a brand's customers and its various contact points. This can help us identify opportunities for new approaches, new services or products.

Defining principles for experience design

To maintain coherence throughout a project's implementation, we identify and bring forth experience principles that encourage all the company's different entities to converge around a common vernacular.

Linking customer experience components

Experiences can only be felt firsthand. To create a global experience, it is necessary to work on its basic constituents: language, environment, temporality, contexts, relationship models, brand experience, products, services, and so on. Alongside our clients, we integrate these components so they can interact.

Creating the organization's alignment

To guarantee a coherent and continuous customer experience, we express a common vision in collaboration with the targeted organization. We also publish our processes and tools.

Products and Services

Quality is in the Detail.

A service is much more than the sum of its features. A service brings immediate, instantly accessible benefits. It provides responses to deeply complex needs.

At Sphères, complexity is something we get. We conceptualize and simplify. We go straight to the point. We carve seamless pathways out of demanding standards. To reconcile viability, feasibility and desirability. To engage your customers.

Exploring practices

Our observation methods and our analytical tools reveal expectations and hidden needs. Our clients take part in these phases to learn from them and inspire the creative steps.

Transdisciplinary collaboration

To further refine concepts, we encourage our clients to work hand in hand with our teams. We pursue this method until the final implementation, integrating every party’s demands along the way.

Designing systems

Products and services can take various shapes: digital platforms, physical products, or spaces.

Scalable systems

Products must be able to evolve within their environments and alongside participantsa. This is why we publish realistic, flexible roadmaps for our products.

Brand experience

We design products and services coherently with their brand's experience in order to create a coherent, global experience.

Culture & Organization

You Will Unlock Tomorrow's Experiences.

New experiences require new capabilities and new operatives. They need all parties to harmonize around a common vision, i.e to guarantee the quality of the proposed products, services, offers, and to ensure they keep evolving after implementation, once they are being run by the client.

At Sphères, we help you broaden your organization's culture and get your collaborators on board with design processes.

Expansion through a culture of innovation

We create “Design Experience Hubs” that foster and speed up development of innovative projects. These hubs breed or instigate transdisciplinary exchanges and intensify teams’ abilities regarding design processes.

Experiencing design methods through projects

Skills are acquired through practice. We work in project mode, alongside our clients. An ideal opportunity for team-building, informed by the deliverables and methods used. Together, we dream up solutions and make them tangible

Training, communicating and distributing

We design bespoke companion modules that answer your organizations' crucial issues. From two-day orientation sessions to project-wide modules, we always strive to enrich the client entity's culture through design processes.